An Ecological Education Project in Sweden

It is time for a positive change, to recognize the beauty of this life, and to rediscover our potential for living on this planet. We are disconnected not only from Nature but also from ourselves, which has a fundamental impact for all life on the planet. There is a great need for a new understanding of life on Earth.

The Ecological Education Project in Sweden is a pilot project, which offers ecological and sustainable studies. Located in the South of Sweden, the Center provides the opportunity for visionaries to come together and support their passion for innovation in the fields of Sustainability, Ecology, and Holistic Health. Here knowledge merges with practical experience and innovative solutions leading to holistic and active participation of individuals in the emerging ecologically sustainable era. The Center offers short- and long-term educations in the field of Ecology, Meditation and Inner Growth. Topics included are deep ecology, permaculture, ecological building, eco-psychology and human ecology.


The project is supported by the Organic World Foundation to initiate and develop educations and research.